Meet Sittiphone, Helping Laotian Students Getting Ready with Their Career

Karuna Sole, Laos Business. Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs, ASEAN SMEs, Laos

Not many people are lucky enough to know what direction they want to go once they graduate from school, and Sittiphone Thapesupanh sure knew about it. A graduate of a US and Australian scholarship himself, Sittphone sure has his heart set on furthering young people’s career, and he saw the need to address the issue of unreadiness of newly graduates in Laos, both through Karuna Sole (CBN-LA000000044).

Contributing to students’ life right after they step on the real, career-based world is no easy feat. As far as Sittiphone understands, the service his company provides is still relatively new so it’s still hard to convince potential clients and make them see how important and useful the services like human resources management and career planning are. Even with many challenges, he manages to find the silver lining in Karuna Sole’s difficult path to relevance, which was the time when the company was appointed as the co-organizer of the first ever HR forum in Laos.

Sittiphone, who enjoys traveling as much as gardening with his mom, shared with us that the cause he’s most taken about is to do his part in reducing poverty and to give enough so people in need won’t starve. Just like his giving heart, his company is doing the same for the future of Laotian students.

Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs by Confirmis


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