Meet Ingrid Van Der Mark, A Mother to Abandoned Children in Jakarta


When she could just choose to pursue her teaching career and live happily with her husband, Ingrid van der Mark, a Dutch expat in Indonesia,  chose the road less traveled.

Seeing the misery of abandoned children as she lived in a poor neighborhood in Jakarta, opened her eyes to build an orphanage, Lestari Sayang Anak (Forever Loving Child) with CBN-ID000000279 that became a home for babies and toddlers where children are cared, loved, and educated.

Ingrid left Holland and quit her job to devote the rest of her life nurturing the abandoned children in South Jakarta. Together with her husband, and three helpers, Lestari Sayang Anak has been a home to 9 children who are mostly abandoned by their parents since birth.

The orphanage was designed to be a small orphanage to give proper and full attention to each kid while setting a family atmosphere filled with love.

OrphanageIngrid with the kids and helpers of Lestari Sayang Anak

It was during the ASEAN Explorer Camp in Jakarta, Indonesia when Confirmis had the chance to get to know with Ingrid.

As she shared her story about the challenges of sustaining an orphanage and raising the children, you can’t see, at any point, of her complaining or even saying it was difficult or exhausting. All you can only see is joyous eyes as she shared how she started Lestari Sayang Anak.

JakartaIngrid together with the Confirmis team during the ASEAN Explorer Camp in Jakarta, Indonesia

When asked where is she getting all the motivation, she answered: I just want to make a difference. It may sound cliché but that made an impact to all our hearts. Her heart on saving the future generation is commendable and contagious which will ignite you to make lasting impact in the world

Ingrid has a lot of vision for the orphanage in terms of education and future of the children and sustainability of the orphanage, but her biggest wish was to own a land for the orphanage as  they currently renting their facilities.

As of the moment, Lestari  Sayang Anak receives assistance from sponsors who gave donations to support the education of each child. The orphanage is also opening their doors for volunteers.

Being a mother to the motherless is no easy job, and Confirmis is committed to help Ingrid’s home Lestari Sayang Anak.

You can help too! !The smallest act can touch those in need in the way you would never imagine before Join the cause here and contribute what you can click here

DonationBecause of our quarterly event that gathered university students across Southeast Asia, we researched about local orphanage named Lestari Sayang Anak in Jakarta, Indonesia to be able to get to know them and extend our support.

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